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Web Design

When it comes to the concept of web design there are many advancements that have totally changed the way that people build websites. There are multitudes of cutting edge developments that have made web design much more efficient and easier in many aspects.

Mobile App Web Design Developmentv-softinc21

One of the most interesting concepts in web design has become the concept of designing websites through mobile apps. Many people have abandoned their desktops. Lots of technology geeks – including those that work in web design – stay wired in through their smart devices. People that travel a great deal may not even have the opportunity to update through a desktop or computer on a regular basis. This is why the concept of mobile app web development is so popular. Web design is all being transformed through the concept of the mobile devices. People that have smart phones and tablets can develop and view websites from the comfort of their smart devices.

Responsive Web Design

It has been talked about a lot, but responsive web design hasnt even peaked yet. There is still a ton of potential for this concept because it furthers the concept of websites that can be viewed on an array of devices without any distortion. It utilizes Cascading Style Sheets, a form of formatting in web design that has been around for years, but it continues to thrive because it has been considered cost effective. A lot of companies that do not have the money to provide apps for their customers will employ responsive web design efforts. This is the best way to curtail costs and maintain full website access without compromising certain website features through an app such is the purpose of this easy website builder.

Video Backgrounds

PayPal is already doing it, and it is very possible that many other websites will follow the trend of video backgrounds. So far PayPal has managed to keep things interesting with a series of different video backgrounds. It is very eye catching to see people interacting in the background while logging on to this website. This has become more of a reality now that people have access to computers with larger amounts of memory.

Open Source Content Management0981058

The days of Active Service Pages and dynamic tables connected to websites are not gone, but the monopoly that Microsoft and Oracle once had is over. There are a lot of open source programs that have been put to use to handle different database issues. The invention of Joomla and Drupal has given designers more content management options that cut down on the constant editing of entire web pages. To the contrary, these pages can be set up to once, and the content can be managed by non-technical people.

Parallax Scrolling

As pages become more dynamic the concept of parallax scrolling will also become more important. There are a lot of websites that are filled with different menus and a plethora of information. The ability to see new text and animation as one scrolls through a website makes the sight a lot more lively. It is often difficult to keep someones attention as they scroll through a page, but moving images and text can make the concept of scrolling a lot more interesting.

Single Page Web Designs

It may seem impossible for some colossal companies to implement this, but the concept of single page web designs are very real. All of the smart devices on the market have shortened the attention spans of many users. This is why many companies have chopped down the huge websites and reduced web designs to a single page of the most important content.